Alinda & Jorge

I'd like to think that they met again, somewhere in heaven, or the place where all of our dreams come true...: She's wearing her favorite dress, with her favorite heels, a necklace saved for the best times, the ring he once gave her, her hair curled and short, flowing, her favorite red lipstick, the eyeshadows … Continue reading Alinda & Jorge


The expectation of reality -a life update

Healing and patience, Those are my main life words ever since I was brought up to this world, they're not rare though, we all need them both, they are intricate yet inherent to us. I don't wanna wave goodbye to 2017 just yet, or my 25s, although I wish I did just since this year … Continue reading The expectation of reality -a life update


Grief. “Grief is the conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior.” Emotional adaptation. A set of steps towards persistence of memory. Pain?. Yesterday, I experienced grief in two ways, the passing of my closest old uncle, and the passing of being in a relationship to being alone. … Continue reading Grief.

Comparison and How I cope with being Uninspired

I have been struggling with my own mind trying to find the right time to write, to know what to write, and how. But the more I question these things, the more I bother my "inspiration" and self-doubt. And though they make it look easy, in the newspapers, social websites, other blogs, videos, etc., my motivation … Continue reading Comparison and How I cope with being Uninspired