Every night I see that town…

Can you live a life unfulfilled through your dreams?

It seemed I had made it work, this whole world

In my head,

On my own,

And it is there every dawn, waiting for me to return…

If memories are not enough;

The mind truly never ceases to create more-

The mind of the subject will desperately struggle to create memories where none exist…”


They were all games…

You and him,



The world we created

In our space (inner space).


But only once or twice I struggled to wake up

Now I know when the river of deceit awaits me,

And I dive…



A forest I once knew.

Cartesian dreams-


…But a dream within a dream.


And I am content with what I have and I invent

The things I do not,

Even if they could all try

To take me.

Lynchian worlds, a big dream,

I de-created, re-created, destroyed him in my head,

And I made you from the pieces you used to scratch of yourself

The ones I knew-

But that was just a dream.

The Elephant Man.jpeg
David Lynch’s “The Elephant Man” cinematography stills.



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