My Spotify Playlists Haul

(Disclaimer: Not sponsored by Spotifyalthough I wish it was $$$)

The other day, while riding to my University, I was thinking “hey wouldn’t it be nice if Spotify developers started making music “gadgets” like Sony did with mp3’s/players back in the day? or the iPods, or way before when we had portable cassette players. They could make a small portable device that, via user name recognition, would upload your own lists to it and you could listen to them offline without having to use your phone or any other big hardware to carry it?, just like an mp3 but made by Spotify and with all that system hardware etc.”

The day after I mind-wondered about it I found out that they actually plan on becoming a new device creator :O . So, Daniel Ek’s Swedish company has launched this “job vacancy” for those willing to push this project forward (where-do-I-sign-in!?). They released 3 product examples, the Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo and the Spectacles of Snapchat, although the second one is the only “usable” for listening our Spotify music.

These, judging by their success on the market, set an example for Spotify making their own gadget.

Not only to develop it as a device or gadget, but they also seek to develop voice controlled apps; all of this under the desire to create a very useful and valuable product that competes with all the rest in the tech market. Risky move (We are counting on you Katniss).

My support remains on Spotify, I have minor complains about its service, we live in a hectic technological era, more than ever, and it won’t stop here; companies, software and hardware, are “driven” by bigger and better development in their products. Although a Premium update, for us the music maniacs, only means “unlimited power” that Winamp, a record player, a normal music reproducer, used to give us back in the no-internet days, even now. Only this “premium power” gives us more advantages by adding more and MORE grams of addiction into our music lists (y’all got any more of them playlists?).

Not having a premium update shouldn’t stop us though, let me say, with all its ads and limited rep. options, a Free normal account at least still gives us the “liberty” to choose music, play it, skip it, play the ad, wait for a good preference song and mute the outter world where vehicle honks, screaming people; a hectic normal world offers “ever so gently” to our sensitive ears.

So on THAT note, here are my top 3 Spotify Playlists, created these past 2 months by me:

(Please not that these are personal choices 90% and 10% audience pleasing ❤ )

#1 The ever-so-me: Lonesome Annie Blues

“A Screenshot because I’m not WordPress-Premium”

Top songs on this list:

  • Am I Blue? Take 2 ⇒ Billie Holiday (there’s gotta be Blues in here & in my heart)
  • Baby Blue ⇒ King Krule (this guy amazes me)
  • Cucurrucucu Paloma (Live 1995) ⇒ Caetano Veloso (don’t mind the language, mind the feeling)
  • Howl ⇒ Allen Ginsberg (poetry is for the lonely souls)
  • It’s always you – vocal ⇒ Chet Baker (my spiritual guide)
  • I know it’s over ⇒ Jeff Buckley (my love)
  • I want to be alone ⇒ Jackson C. Frank (my healer)
  • In a sentimental mood ⇒ Duke Ellington (this is what life’s all about)
  • Para qué sufrir ⇒ Natalia Lafourcade (again, in spanish, but Natalia seems to transcend language barriers with her sentimental sound and roots)
  • Por ⇒ Pescado Rabioso (you can never go wrong with this one)
  • Shadowboxer ⇒ Fiona Apple (relatable lyrics & her story behind them)
  • Wild is the Wind ⇒ David Bowie (we need a dose of Bowie always)

This list is so personal to me but in a way to share that personal feeling, to express our thoughts and emotions through what music offers us, I think that is the true dialogical value behind the artist, the art and the observer. There are so many songs I’d like to share with you, but these are the chosen ones for today. I love to listen to music not only for the lyrics and the sound, but also for how those language and cultural barriers are crossed and touch us so deeply.

#2 Music for the (unloved/loved) lovers: Happy Two People

“So many followers it’s insane”

Top songs on this list:

  • Lord knows best ⇒ Dirty Beaches (definitely suggested stud, magnetic neo-church like lyrics/music)
  • Aisumasen ⇒ John Lennon (for when you wanna say I’m sorry to your loved one, never the case these days)
  • Sea of Love ⇒ Cat Power (go on and cry, this one will make you drown in tears while getting an “I do” from your partner)
  • Fizz ⇒ Babasónicos (lyrics in spanish, love making in universal language)
  • Can’t help falling in love ⇒ Beck (this guy is unbelievable, this cover is perfection)
  • Jolene ⇒ Dolly Parton (good ol’ 3rd wheel and jealousy song, can’t go wrong)
  • All I ask ⇒ Adele (pre-breakup sex and I-still-love-yous)
  • Poli ⇒ Zoé (mexicans represent, for when the girl you used to like at school goes away)
  • Do what you gotta do ⇒ Nina Simone (“yes I know I’m a fuck-up, but I’m the best one you’ll get”)
  • Love on the Brain ⇒ Rihanna (when “Riri” goes to love zone she goes all the way, and we love it)
  • Try a little tenderness ⇒ Otis Redding (a good dose of “be a man and love her”)

This list totally complements my love life, at least it did, but hey, you CAN be lonely, single and petty and STILL listen to romantic music. (Warning though: this list contains a lotta love, a lotta tender words, but also a lot of breakups and heartbreaks).

#3 A “get up and dance”/energy boost list: Nitro Dance

“When you wanna go out and dance but #introvert” 

Top songs on this list:

While this list is currently on the “building up” process, I always go back to it, for when I wanna feel better, smile and sing or to go out and have fun, good vibes man. Definitely needs an update, more favorites and new stuff.

So! there you go, my top 3 go-to Spotify playlists, please feel free to add them as your choice of music, spread the word (amongst ghost readers/listeners), I’ll be sure to make another playlist haul later on ❤ and a full list of my current go-to songs.

And, as Aldous Huxley once said:


“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”



Ps: my Spotify account-name link: Anneliese.350125go