A proper Intro

I feel like I haven’t introduced my self properly, with all my excitement from creating a website, I forgot about being unknown.

The thing is, I’m not too fond of the idea of talking about me, and introductions have never been my thing, after all this space is meant to be a place where I want to feel comfortable and just write you know? As if I’m talking to someone I already know and get along with :).

In a few words I’d say: I am Anneliese (duh) and I was born in a small country called Bolivia, in the city of Cochabamba, my early childhood years spent here were full of sun, green areas all around us, a lot of traveling in family, and most of all watching my sister do all the goofy things she would do to draw everyone’s attention, I was the quiet one but I loved it.

  cam00466 Here we are, enjoying one of the many many times we went to the countryside with my mom and dad.

The other (more than) half of my childhood I spent it living in the U.S, we lived in a couple states there, also a couple houses back and forth until we finally bought a home, I was the most “me” there, that is where I fell in love with books and writing journals :).

So that is how I ended up finding one of my favorite hobbies, that and many other experiences bring us here today.

I really want this “online journal” to be about many subjects, not just my past, but to combine my past, my experiences, my learnings with what goes on right now. The things I love now, the habits and the failures we all go through.

I might be starting pretty rushed, talking all over the place, but I can assure you we’ll get somewhere, things just can’t have a dead end for me :).

So more than a “About Me” blog, today was a reminder, to remember who I was as a kid and to never forget what I always wanted to do, and you’ll be coming along this journey ❤

*One last thing I had to say on the previous blog is, you may be scared, I like to vary on subjects and/or topics, just as I am bilingual, my mind can go from wanting to write about Philosophy to talking about fashion xD, so I’m warning you, maybe that way no one gets bored.




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