A New Start


Well, I can officially say that I struggled creating this blogsite more than any homework I had to do in the past.

It’s a new beginning after all, and as their nature calls, they are hard no matter our mindset put into them.

Let me begin this first baby blog by welcoming you here, I know this is gonna be a rough start and it will probably have 0 to 1 readers, but I can honestly say today that it is fine for me, I needed to do this now, since it has always been something I wanted to do for so long, but my mind likes to take conclusions for things I do not fully know, so I thought it would be impossible. I have been inspired by another blogger (Marzia – also youtuber) she is basically the first blogger I have read and made me see that blogs aren’t as scary to create as I thought. But before her, me and my bestfriend Mila had the impulse to create a 2 person blog, although that project has not come up to this day.

My main goal here right now is to open myself up to writing to an “audience”, writing to be read per se, because I have always written but to my own privacy and for my own judgement, being shy was never a good thing for showing off skills, I can say. And for that reason this has always been kind of nerve racking to do, but I’m not afraid anymore, only for my grammar mistakes and my mom reading this xD.

Yeah, this will be a good way to practice writing, and make believe that someone out there will be reading my blogs, why not.

2016 has been a wild year, let me tell you, and not in the “I went to Vegas, got married and divorced the next day” kinda way, just wild at heart, you’ll understand once I get to writing later on :).

For now, much love and good vibes for this new project we start together.




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