Welcome! Bienvenido(a)!

I’m a 25 years old Bolivian, bilingual, Philosophy and Words student, I’m a film and street fashion enthusiast, also music (most genres) and literature lover. That doesn’t sound so unique right? But besides from my “likes” and “tastes” there lies the true me and all the things I am passionate about to write here. So lets skip the stereotypes for now 🙂

Sometimes I’ll write in my native language (Spanish), that is when I feel more sensitive and more attached to my emotions, other times I just enjoy writing in English (with grammar horrors obv.) because that is the way I feel more connected to the world. However I will try to translate my blogs whenever I can.

The thing is, we are lonely people you and I, we like to read about others, to make us feel more present in this hectic world, to be understood, to feel like there is somebody out there who thinks like us or just soothes our soul with words. The rest of the world is welcome here to judge.

My main focus is to write about my personal experiences (no full details of course), my thoughts and emotions throughout this time I live in, and the moments that make me feel something. NOSTALGIA.

Other than that I welcome you to read here about Film analysis and criticism, sometimes about Literature (Classic books and Philosophy), Social matters involving the world and my hometown Cochabamba, Bolivia, street style/outfits I find around, local music and Cafés I visit, traveling and even recipes who knows!.

Let’s see where this takes us,

❤ Anneliese